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Today’s Woman Blog Reviews My SuperSomeone

"When my children were growing up, like most- my husband was one busy dad. At the end of the day though, he always took time to read a bed time story to both our children. After a hectic day at work, reading was a wonderful way for him to relax with the kids."


"With Father’s Day right around the  corner might I suggest a Father’s Day gift this year that can be enjoyed by both child and dad. My SuperSomeone book from Flattenme is the perfect start for one-on-one bonding time with father & child….Not only has the book become my granddaughter’s personal favorite, but it has become an instant family keepsake that can be enjoyed by future grandchildren.”

Read the full review on Today’s Woman Blog.

Order now for Father’s Day!

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Sarah with an H reviews SuperDaddy

SuperDaddy…It’s just precious and I can’t get over how sexy my Italian Mans Man looks cuddling a little deer and riding a horsey.”….We Love that we have turned Sophia’s special Daddy into her very own Super Hero!! There is really no other personalized book out there like this one, not only is the quality fabulous but the story line is absolutely adorable! The whole family giggles as we flip through the pages.”

Read the full review at Sarah with an H

SuperSomeone and other personalized book available from flattenme.

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"Personalized books are such a special gift for any child, especially young children! Davey has a couple of personalized books, but none of them are as unique as his My SuperDavey book from flattenme, which we recently received for review!”

"When this book arrived, Davey wanted to read it that night for bedtime, and requested it every night for the next week! He absolutely loves this book! It talks about all the good ‘normal’ things a person does to be a ‘superhero’ making it more realistic and making kids understand that anyone can be a superhero with things they do every day, such as ordering a pizza just to give you a slice, or making you laugh, or playing games with you. It does mention on one page that SuperDavey can fly, and Davey knows that’s not realistic, but he thinks that page is super fun!”

Read the full review on Ahh~Mazing Reviews.

Order a copy for your own copy of SuperDad or a My Hero t-shirt featuring Dad for Fathers’ Day!

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The Simple Moms Review SuperSomeone

"My son and I have so much fun flipping through this poetic story about our favorite person. I enjoy asking my son ‘Where is daddy?’ and seeing him get excited to point out his hero in the book. For some reason on the zoo page though, whenever I ask him ‘Where is daddy?’ he points to the gorilla! HAHA!!!! I can not tell you the barrel of laughs this book has brought our little family!"

"If you are looking for a great story to read with your little one, be sure to check out My SuperSomeone by flattenme and watch their imagination soar and their eyes light up!”

Read the full review and then enter to win a free flattenme book through The Simple Moms.

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The Binder Ladies review flattenme

This review for Sophie and the Tuesday Mushroom King can be read in full on The Binder Ladies blog.

"Imagination and inspiration of children are the key ingredients to everything that Flatten Me creates.  Their innovative and personalized books, shirts, wall art, cards, journals, cards and water bottles feature the most precious things in your life - your kids!  When they can become part of a story about pirates or princesses, they can become those characters, long after the last page has been turned.  But Flatten Me takes that vision even further.  Your child’s photograph is implanted into their books and products, giving them a boost in their own fantasy world, as told by Flatten Me.  These amazing, inventive products become keepsakes that can be appreciate for years, beyond your child’s fascination with them.  This company has been honored with several awards, including 2007’s Creative Child for The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Truly functional and fun, Flatten Me ups the stakes on personalized items!”

"Inside, you’ll find the dedication page.  This is a special place for parents or gift givers to write something personal to the receiver of the book.  It’s a nice, big area, so you don’t have to worry about having your words cut-off, and I adored the font!"

Thanks Jeni, we’re so glad you love the book!


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Reasons for Reading

Reading should be important to everyone. It definitely is to me, especially when it comes to children. I love nothing than time to curl up with a good book. I love reading to my children and I look forward to share my love of reading with them. Here are my favorite reasons to read (for both adults and children).

Reading is simply a great way to relax. It allows our minds to focus on what we are reading. We stop worrying about the stresses of the day and lose ourselves in a good book.

Reading allows you learn new things. Books are full of information, just waiting for you to learn. Even in fiction books, you may learn something new.

Reading is good for children because the more they read, they better they get at it.

Children who read have better vocabulary and succeed better in school. Children will learn new words as they come across words that they do not understand. They also do better in school because of what I said earlier about them learning new things.

Reading helps us to become more creative. We focus on the story but we are picturing characters and settings in our minds. Also, who has not read a story and thought that they had a good idea for a book?

Reading is good entertainment. We can travel to earlier times, faraway lands, the future, and more in books. Each book that we read will transform us to another time and place.  

You can take a book anywhere easily. Unlike the television (though with smart phones, we are coming a long way), we can take a book anywhere. Have a few minutes while you are waiting, enjoy your book.

Can’t you tell that I just love to read? I could really continue with a lot more benefits for reading but I tried to get my favorite. Books are my favorite entertainment, they are easily portable, and they help you learn new things. I also firmly believe in reading to children so that they can succeed in school.  Contact us for a personalized book for your children.

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Fantasy Custom Book

Your family trip to the Renaissance Faire was a few days ago but your kids have not stopped talking about it, the jousting knights, the princesses, the jesters, the funny accents, the turkey legs. It was like stepping into a fairy tale and now that they’re back to school and homework they still want to live in that magical place. Aside from a little fantasy being good for kids, they also learned a bit about history as well, so why not encourage their new found interest? There are plenty of children’s stories set in medieval or Renaissance times as well as several fantasy books and movies with similar settings. While your kids are sure to enjoy those, you can personalize the story with a custom book staring them! Using their picture and name, you can choose from a fairy book, a pirate book, a mermaid book, and other books with a variety of themes like ABCs, bugs, and potty training. You can also choose from books where you only need to add your child’s name to the text, as well as journals with your child’s picture on the front in fairy tale and other settings and blank pages for them to write their own story.

If they still can’t get enough medieval fantasy, we also have wall art that allows your child to be a princess or a fairy, or to “pose” with a horse or in an enchanted garden. There’s also farm, superhero, and rock star themes as well to encourage them to dream and to inspire them to follow those dreams. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our other items and how  to upload your photos.

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Personalized Children’s Book Review by Flattenme: “Multicolored Ki

"I got this book personalized with my daughter’s name, which changed the title to ‘Olivia is a Multicolor Kid.'  Even though my daughter is only 2 years old she recognized right away that the book and story had her name in it.  She was so excited and kept calling it 'my book!'  I would definitely recommend spending the extra money and getting the hardcover as this is a book that kids will cherish, at least mine is!”

As a kid I loved when anything had my name on it, which was very rare since my name is not a regular name.  I basically got a lot of stuff from craft fairs since that was the only way to find my name on something.  Nowadays though companies make it easy to personalize items for your child and I couldn’t wait to get my daughter her first personalized book!”
"The story then starts with beautiful illustrations of colors and fun fonts.  The story is all about how “insert name” is great and is a very inspiring and positive book.  I think all kids could use a little positive thinking and words every day and this is a great way to make sure it gets said, since you will be doing story time anyways!  Your child’s name is repeated over and over in the book, not just once or twice.  The colors really though make the book pop and even though my daughter can’t read I find her flipping through the pages just to look at them.  For her age it is great for teaching colors as well as positive words, for older kids it is a great reminder that they a great just the way they are!  I recommend this book for any parent or gift-giver as what child wouldn’t love a personalized book as adorable as this one!”

Read more at http://momandmore.com/2014/03/personalized-childrens-book.html#w1bI0Gdd0sAgCwDO.99

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Reading to Your Toddler Can Ignite Their Love For Books

Books can create beautiful moments. They inspire our imaginations and introduce us to worlds we may otherwise never experience. They can sooth us or ignite a torrent of emotions within us. Put rather simply, books are magical.

As parents, we are granted the privilege of introducing our children to the enchanted world of storytelling. Exposing our sons and daughters to books during infancy and fostering their curiosity in stories throughout their lives encourages them to embrace a love for reading and writing as they grow.

While at times, getting our younger children to sit and listen to a book may seem impossible, there are a few tricks that can help initiate a successful story time.

1. Getting Cozy. Having an area in your home that is specifically set up for story time is an excellent way of setting the mood for reading. You can fill the area with comfy pillows, a fluffy blanket, and stuffed animals. Creating a designated location, helps your younger child differentiate between play time and storybook time.

2. Reading with enthusiasm. You wouldn’t want to listen to a monotone version of your favorite book, so you shouldn’t expect your child to. Tone and expression are everything when you read to your toddler. If the character in the story is excited, your voice and facial expressions should convey that enthusiasm, and if the character is sad, you should depict their melancholy attitude. Not only will your child find your acting amusing, but they’ll also have a blast learning about the range of emotions people experience.

3. Sometimes pictures are enough. You don’t always need to read the words that accompany the story. At times, your child may prefer exploring the pictures a book provides. Use those moments as an opportunity to point out the different objects or landscapes in the illustrations.

4. Point away. While you read, point to the different items you’re reading about. This action helps your child connect the books words to the images on the page. As your child gets older, ask them to point out the objects instead of you doing it.

5. Don’t push them. Some days reading just isn’t on your child’s agenda. On those days, don’t force story time on them. You want your child to think of reading as fun and exciting and not as a chore.

If you’re looking to help your child embrace the world of reading, you may want to buy one of our personalized books. At flattenme, we infuse your child in the story by placing their image within the illustrations. To learn more about our storybooks, please contact us today.

Great books for toddlers at flattenme.com include ABC&123, Potty Dance and the Baby Board Book.

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