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Fantasy Custom Book

Your family trip to the Renaissance Faire was a few days ago but your kids have not stopped talking about it, the jousting knights, the princesses, the jesters, the funny accents, the turkey legs. It was like stepping into a fairy tale and now that they’re back to school and homework they still want to live in that magical place. Aside from a little fantasy being good for kids, they also learned a bit about history as well, so why not encourage their new found interest? There are plenty of children’s stories set in medieval or Renaissance times as well as several fantasy books and movies with similar settings. While your kids are sure to enjoy those, you can personalize the story with a custom book staring them! Using their picture and name, you can choose from a fairy book, a pirate book, a mermaid book, and other books with a variety of themes like ABCs, bugs, and potty training. You can also choose from books where you only need to add your child’s name to the text, as well as journals with your child’s picture on the front in fairy tale and other settings and blank pages for them to write their own story.

If they still can’t get enough medieval fantasy, we also have wall art that allows your child to be a princess or a fairy, or to “pose” with a horse or in an enchanted garden. There’s also farm, superhero, and rock star themes as well to encourage them to dream and to inspire them to follow those dreams. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our other items and how  to upload your photos.

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Personalized Children’s Book Review by Flattenme: “Multicolored Ki

"I got this book personalized with my daughter’s name, which changed the title to ‘Olivia is a Multicolor Kid.'  Even though my daughter is only 2 years old she recognized right away that the book and story had her name in it.  She was so excited and kept calling it 'my book!'  I would definitely recommend spending the extra money and getting the hardcover as this is a book that kids will cherish, at least mine is!”

As a kid I loved when anything had my name on it, which was very rare since my name is not a regular name.  I basically got a lot of stuff from craft fairs since that was the only way to find my name on something.  Nowadays though companies make it easy to personalize items for your child and I couldn’t wait to get my daughter her first personalized book!”
"The story then starts with beautiful illustrations of colors and fun fonts.  The story is all about how “insert name” is great and is a very inspiring and positive book.  I think all kids could use a little positive thinking and words every day and this is a great way to make sure it gets said, since you will be doing story time anyways!  Your child’s name is repeated over and over in the book, not just once or twice.  The colors really though make the book pop and even though my daughter can’t read I find her flipping through the pages just to look at them.  For her age it is great for teaching colors as well as positive words, for older kids it is a great reminder that they a great just the way they are!  I recommend this book for any parent or gift-giver as what child wouldn’t love a personalized book as adorable as this one!”

Read more at http://momandmore.com/2014/03/personalized-childrens-book.html#w1bI0Gdd0sAgCwDO.99

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Reading to Your Toddler Can Ignite Their Love For Books

Books can create beautiful moments. They inspire our imaginations and introduce us to worlds we may otherwise never experience. They can sooth us or ignite a torrent of emotions within us. Put rather simply, books are magical.

As parents, we are granted the privilege of introducing our children to the enchanted world of storytelling. Exposing our sons and daughters to books during infancy and fostering their curiosity in stories throughout their lives encourages them to embrace a love for reading and writing as they grow.

While at times, getting our younger children to sit and listen to a book may seem impossible, there are a few tricks that can help initiate a successful story time.

1. Getting Cozy. Having an area in your home that is specifically set up for story time is an excellent way of setting the mood for reading. You can fill the area with comfy pillows, a fluffy blanket, and stuffed animals. Creating a designated location, helps your younger child differentiate between play time and storybook time.

2. Reading with enthusiasm. You wouldn’t want to listen to a monotone version of your favorite book, so you shouldn’t expect your child to. Tone and expression are everything when you read to your toddler. If the character in the story is excited, your voice and facial expressions should convey that enthusiasm, and if the character is sad, you should depict their melancholy attitude. Not only will your child find your acting amusing, but they’ll also have a blast learning about the range of emotions people experience.

3. Sometimes pictures are enough. You don’t always need to read the words that accompany the story. At times, your child may prefer exploring the pictures a book provides. Use those moments as an opportunity to point out the different objects or landscapes in the illustrations.

4. Point away. While you read, point to the different items you’re reading about. This action helps your child connect the books words to the images on the page. As your child gets older, ask them to point out the objects instead of you doing it.

5. Don’t push them. Some days reading just isn’t on your child’s agenda. On those days, don’t force story time on them. You want your child to think of reading as fun and exciting and not as a chore.

If you’re looking to help your child embrace the world of reading, you may want to buy one of our personalized books. At flattenme, we infuse your child in the story by placing their image within the illustrations. To learn more about our storybooks, please contact us today.

Great books for toddlers at flattenme.com include ABC&123, Potty Dance and the Baby Board Book.

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Custom Books That Turn Ordinary Kids Into Superheroes

Superman can fly faster than the speed of light. Spiderman can spin intricate webs that enable him to swing from building to building across the city. Wonder Woman has a golden lasso that forces anyone trapped in its coils to tell the absolute truth. She also has a bracelet that deflects bullets, which is pretty outstanding as well. But these popular superheroes are not nearly as powerful as an up and coming new talent who is about to hit the superhero scene!

And who might this mystery superhero be?

Well, it could be your son, your daughter, or even YOU!

At flattenme, we pride ourselves in creating custom books that both thrill young readers on an entertainment level, and engage them in the ever necessary education of learning how to read. One of our greatest and most towering achievements is our My Super Someone book, which turns your spectacular son or your dazzling daughter into a mighty superhero who tames crocodiles, juggles enormous boulders, and even snacks on pizza with a gorilla!

We get breathless just at the mere mention of this!

Here’s how it’s done. Flattenme takes a sprinkle of sparkling rhymes, then adds a few pages of magical illustrations to create the foundation of a memorable and heroic tale. Then we add the single most important ingredient — a photo of your child (a.k.a. The Superhero), which we insert into the illustrations so that they can become the main character in his or her own story. And once you see your child’s face light up as they see their adventure unfold from one page to the next, you’ll be eager to check out other books in our storytelling catalogue.

Oh, and here’s a little secret for you kids reading this. Your Mom and Dad can be superheroes, too. Just add a simple photo, and presto — SuperMom or SuperDad hits the page! 

We are looking forward to making our custom books part of your child’s library, so please contact us and let us know what amazing tales we can help your family tell.

Superhero capes not included.

Not yet anyway! 

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Custom Gifts To Brighten Your Kid’s Room

As parents, we all want to give our kids their own personal space, literally, as most kids spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms, whether doing homework, playing, or reading. As kids grow and express themselves, so do their rooms. The decorations become less about what we as parents think they’d like and more about the kids designing their own space. Since kids of all ages enjoy a room that reflects their personality, why not encourage them to not just pick out the decorations but to make some themselves? For example if he or she loves sports, why not encourage them to design their own sports pennants or team mascots. If they love tales of princesses and jousting knights, then help them create royal family crests.

They can uses images unique to your family, such as pets, parent’s jobs, or their own school mascot for either project. They could also use an image representing a hobby, such as drawing or playing music. The decorations can be as simple as construction paper or felt. Simple woodworking or sewing could be used if any of the adults have those skills and can teach the kids how to safely create the decorations. To add a special, personal touch to the room why not surprise them with a picture starring themselves from Flattenme. What kid wouldn’t want a poster starring themselves as a superhero, mermaid, pirate, or rock star? We offer prints, posters and custom canvas pictures, starting at $19.95. Each print features your child’s picture in the setting of your choice, such as a farm, outer space, or a circus. For more information on our other custom gifts or to place an order, feel free to contact us.

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Giving Personalized Gifts: The gift that makes a memory

Have you ever noticed how much kids love to see themselves in photos? After having a picture taken, they often reply with “let me see it.” In this day and age a picture isn’t trapped in the camera until it is developed; it is right in front of you after it is taken. The world of the “selfie” (the picture taken of yourself) is becoming popular at all ages, and we play the major role in our own entertainment via social media. Taking that idea one step further is a part of what Flattenme does. It lets kids be the stars of their own stories.  It is a creative and fun way to help them understand social skills, teach an important lesson, embrace their imagination, and tell them that you love them.

Throughout the last ten years we have seen numerous toys from yesteryear brought back. If I had known that all of the toys I liked were going to come back to the future, I wouldn’t have saved them.  While it is exciting to be able to share an interest with your child that was once part of your childhood, it is a frightening look at the way our creativity needs a bit of a jump-start. When a child sees a personalized gift where they hold the starring role, they flourish. They want to add on to that story, they want to show everyone, and no one has that same book because it features their name and picture. You also don’t have to worry about someone else getting the same exact thing. This is a unique, special, and irreplaceable gift that will become a keepsake for years to come.

While gift-giving is a high priority during the holidays, flattenme books work year-round and for all ages. Don’t count out the grown-up kids that would be absolutely overjoyed with their role in a book. Or maybe the grown-up has is the star in a book for their kids, grand-kids or class. What a unique way to teach a child life lessons that you value or remember your parents, grandparents or other loved one. Those who live far away or are deployed for the military would love to play a daily role in the life of loved ones. Let them be in the story. 

For more information contact us, or check out the website for other personalized gifts. Don’t just give a gift, give a story.

Pictures from ABC-123 book review on the blog We Have It All.

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Reading Books To Prepare Your Child for Travel

If you are planning a spring break or summer vacation with small children, there are several ways that reading books before, during, and after the trip can ensure smooth sailing.


If you have a young child who has not traveled before, you can make your own personalized travel book to explain what travel is all about. Get a three ring binder and some plastic page protectors. Go through magazines and newspapers and cut out pictures of hotels, hotel rooms, beaches, mountains, airports, airplanes, restaurants and amusement parks – whichever items apply to your trip. The Internet is a great resource, too. You can take and print screenshots from the places you will be visiting and from sites like Pinterest. The idea is to make a book that you can share with your child every day, for about a week before the trip, to prepare them for what is to come.


Books are a great resource to have on hand while you are travelling. They can occupy a child on an airplane, train or on a long car ride. It is also a good idea to bring along some of your child’s favorite bedtime books to read to him each night. If you have story or music CD that your child listens to at home, it will be comforting to listen to it each night while they are getting used to sleeping in a new place.


You will be taking pictures and picking up post cards and souvenirs during your trip. When you get home, take your pre-travel pictures out of the binder and replace them with your trip memorabilia. Have your child help you with this and then give him the binder as his own special keepsake. When it’s time to take your next trip, you and your child can look at this book and remember all the great travel adventures you’ve had together.

There are also several books that will help prepare your child for a vacation or other trip. They include:

  • It’s Vacation Time by Lerryn Korda (ages 1-3)
  • Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmans (ages 3-7)
  • If You Decide to Go to the Moon by Faith McNulty (ages 5-8)
  • The Travel Game by John Grandits (ages 5-8).                    
  • How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, and How to Make a Cherry Pie and see the USA, both by Marjorie Priceman (ages 5-8)

Our personalized books at flattenme are a great resource, too. Our Super Someone books show your child’s favorite person in settings from the North Pole to Taipei, and your child’s picture in our Fairy Book or Pirates Book will keep them entertained both at home and on the road.

Contact us for information about our personalized books. And happy travels!

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Custom Shirt Birthday Party!

One (of the very many) things I have learned from being a mother of four is that children love to see their own image. Kids can spend hours looking at pictures of themselves on a computer. Seeing their picture someplace unexpected, like hanging on a family member’s wall, is perhaps the greatest joy a little one can experience. And really, that’s the whole idea behind flattenme. Giving children the joy of seeing themselves as the star of a book, seeing themselves on a greeting card, a water bottle or a tshirt!

Another thing I’ve learned being a mother of four is that it’s hard to keep coming up with creative birthday party ideas. I have 4 kids. That’s 4 birthday celebrations each year until they’re 18; 72 parties!  Recently I thought of something that would truly delight one of my younger kids. What if they were to go to a party where everyone was wearing a shirt with their picture on it? Can you imagine how special that child will feel seeing 50 people wearing shirts with their face on it? Heck, I’m an adult and if I walked into a room filled with people wearing me on their clothes, I’d feel pretty special too! So I’ve decided that custom shirts are the perfect “party favor” for a youngsters birthday party. Everyone can receive their shirt with your child’s face on it as they arrive at the party, and take it with them when they leave. It’ll be a fun keepsake for them. Better yet, it’ll be a hoot for your kid, and it’ll be great to look back at the pictures years from now at a sea of party guests in the same custom shirt!

If you want to throw a custom shirt birthday party for your little one, contact us! Custom shirts just so happens to be our special-T! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) 

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Mami’s 3 Little Monkeys reviews flattenme’s Personalized Pirates book

Flattenme’s personalized Pirates book is absolutely awesome! Not only is it personalized with your child’s name, but also their face!? No way, hey?

This book is both imaginative and educational all in one, it is a personalized book that transforms your child’s experience of reading from a passive page-turner to an active participant. Some of the great graphics in this story book include enchanted forests, talking goblins and even fellow kiddy pirate crew, all of this is the help enhance this great reading experience for your child. Cade’s photo is featured seven times through out this book. This book is recommended for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 8 years old and is available in eight different languages!

Cade absolutely love his personalized children’s Pirates book.

See the complete review at Mami’s 3 Little Monkeys.

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